Wallaceburg Veterinarian – Sydenham River Vet

Wallaceburg Veterinary Hospital.

Dr. Kerry and Krista Mall are very excited of the opening of their third location, Sydenham River Veterinary Office.

We are a satellite clinic of Dresden Veterinary Clinic and Merritt Animal Hospital in Chatham.

We offer all surgical services such as spaying and neutering, de-clawing and more in-depth surgeries at our main clinic in Dresden, however we provide the transportation to Dresden and back to Wallaceburg for your pet at no cost.

We have a large vehicle equipped for very secure travelling and will hold kennels for dogs and cats of all sizes. Our staff will take extra special care of your pet from the time you drop them off to the time you pick them up and will make the experience as less stressful for them as possible. We use the same secure kennels as you would for travelling on an air plane. If you prefer, you can to take your pet to Dresden yourself also.

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Clinic Hours

  • Monday - Friday: 9:00am - 5:00pm
  • Saturday: Closed
  • Sunday: Closed

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Veterinarian Hospital Wallaceburg

Our Wallaceburg Team

Veterinarians in Wallaceburg

Dr. Kerry Mall D.V.M.

Dr. Kerry Mall D.V.M. - Owner

Since establishing his veterinary practice in Chatham-Kent, Dr. Mall has built an excellent relationship with the community and has demonstrated a great deal of love and compassion...

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Kate Myslik - D.V.M.

Dr. Kate Myslik - D.V.M.

Dr. Kate Myslik has joined the DMS team primarily at the Merritt clinic in Chatham. She decided to pursue her small animal career after previously working with large...

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Wallaceburg Staff

Christina Sutherland - Veterinary Assistant

Christina Sutherland - Veterinary Assistant

You will find Christina either doing hands-on work, educating clients in the appointment room or performing reception duties. We are very happy to have Christina as a...

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Leslie Pont - Veterinary Technician

Leslie Pont

Leslie has been in the veterinary industry for many years as a professor at Ridgetown College and has since moved into working in clinic with the D.M.S. group...

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Trish Forsyth - VOA

Trish Forsyth

Trish has been apart of the DMS family for a number of years now, starting from highschool CO-OP then after finishing the VOA program at Ridgetown College...

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