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Laser Therapy for Dogs

Therapeutic Laser is a form of light therapy; it is a safe form of radiation that is non-invasive and non-thermal. The light from the laser helps cells to feel good. In turn, it helps heal the body — kind of like when you are upset, and then step out into the sunlight and feel a little better. Almost any sick patient who steps into the clinic could benefit from Therapeutic Laser!

What is therapeutic laser therapy for dogs, and what are the benefits?

Therapeutic Laser can be used for many conditions in dogs. In fact, its usage on orthopedic condition is not the only area it can help! Laser would benefit any condition requiring healthy tissue growth and can even help speed up the healing process. It can help any condition that requires pain relief, reduction of inflammation, increased blood supply, reduction of swelling or immune system support. The saying goes: if the condition ends with “-itis”, it can be treated with a laser! Therapeutic Laser can be used as a treatment by itself but is also recommended to be used alongside conventional veterinary medicine. Talk to your veterinarian today to see what is best for your pet!

Are lasers dangerous for dogs and are there any side effects?

Laser therapy is a very safe procedure, as there are no side effects. However, there are some cases where Laser Therapy is not recommended to use for areas that haven’t had studies done to see how these tissues or conditions will react. These conditions include lasering over a pregnant uterus, into the eye, over the thyroid gland, over a tumour, when cancer is suspected or on patients with a history of epileptic seizures.

What kind of lasers are used on pets?

There are different classes used in Laser Therapy. The laser used within our clinic is a Class 3b laser. It is a relatively safe laser, but precautions are still taken with protective eyewear. Class 4 lasers may also be seen with Laser Therapy at other facilities; however, more precautions are taken with it’s in-use as it can cause burns to the skin. Class 4 lasers are used in some clinics to perform surgical procedures. Class 3b lasers do not have enough power to be effective for these procedures.


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