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Dog Urinalysis and Fecal Exam

We offer in-house testing of fecal samples and urine. Testing a fecal sample is an important part of your dog’s wellness/yearly examination as this can tell us if there is evidence of internal parasites. Urine testing is also a vital diagnostic tool to help with urinary health as this can identify kidney or urinary disease.

Why are canine fecal examinations recommended yearly?

We recommend your pet gets their yearly fecal examination at the same time as their annual vaccinations. Dogs can contract intestinal parasites from other mammals that may have been infected through contact with their feces. Testing a fresh fecal sample can identify any parasites that may be present in your dog’s intestinal tract.

If my dog’s urine test reveals a urinary tract infection, what can I do?

If your veterinarian recommended a urinalysis and a urinary tract infection has been detected, antibiotics will often be prescribed. However, there may be multiple underlying causes for the infection, such as bladder stones, kidney disease and possibly prostate disease. Our veterinary staff can help guide you in preventing or treating such diseases.


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